Become a Brew Glitter Distributor

Become a Brew Glitter Distributor

Brew Glitter® is committed to growing the brand as efficiently and as quickly as possible by enabling distributors across the globe! We are currently looking to partner with both US & International Distributors to take the Brew Glitter® brand worldwide! Buy wholesale, and become profitable distributor today!

Why become a Brew Glitter® distributor?

When you become a Brew Glitter® distributor, you have an instant new profit center. With Brew Glitter® you can build a profitable business without expensive overhead, inventory or special equipment. We make the product, we own the product, and there is nothing like it in the market! Our extensive product knowledge is second to none. It’s not just the quality of our products that gives you a competitive edge, it’s also the quality of the people that support the brand. Brew Glitter® is the latest trend, and is a product that is here to stay. To learn more, click here.

If you are ready to order, you can simply purchase Brew Glitter® wholesale by choosing the colors & sizes you need. Wholesale prices for our Brew Glitter® products are only offered by the case sizes indicated in the listings below. To place your order, follow three simple steps...

  1. select the color you want,
  2. select which price tier you fall into based on the QTY you need
  3. select the quantity you want to purchase - then add to cart, that's it!

As indicated, to buy wholesale you must purchase products by the case. Case quantity can range from 48 units per case to 5 units per case depending on the size of the container you are purchasing. Brew Glitter can be purchased in any color and in any container size you need. Container sizes available are; 4g, 25g, 45g, 50g, 1lb and 1kg

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